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Jerez De La Frontera Marathon
3 DAYS PROGRAM. From September 25 to 27

Jerez de la Frontera has world-famous attractions that make Jerez one of the most complete and suggestive destinations in all of Andalusia. Horse, Wine, Brandy and Flamenco are topics of Andalusia and Spain, and their own distinctive features that fully define and identify the city.

Jerez offers numerous possibilities: the incredible equestrian shows at the Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian Art and the Yeguada Hierro del Bocado, the visit to the incomparable wineries of Jerez, cathedrals where wine and brandy are born, raised and aged in silence, enjoyment of the purest flamenco, its old center, declared a Historic-Artistic Monumental Complex, where churches, palaces and unique buildings are discovered among orange trees and fountains along squares, streets and corners; There are also numerous museums and thematic centers where Bull, Horse, Flamenco and Wine take center stage, along with others of great interest where our tradition and heritage are reflected.

The SHERRY MARATHON offers a unique opportunity to explore Jerez de la Frontera and the sea of ​​vines that surround the city and are part of the Marco de Jerez, participating in a special race along the legendary distance of 42,195 km.

The SHERRY MARATÓN combines personal challenge with the opportunity to discover one of the great cultural and natural heritages of Spain, Jerez de la Frontera and Marco de Jerez. Athletes will walk the most famous avenues, streets and squares in the city of Jerezana and the most magical paths and lanes in the vineyard of Marco de Jerez.

The Sherry Marathon is designed for all audiences, therefore, you can enjoy walking with the Hiker category, or trekking with poles with the Nordic Walking category and even disguised if yours is to have fun and have fun with a touch of humor.

In addition, during the race, runners will enjoy the best gastronomic products in the area to make the Sherry Marathon an experience for the five senses that is difficult to forget.

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