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Copenhagen Half Marathon
4 DAYS PROGRAM. From September 11 to 14
Despite having only been in existence for a few years, the Copenhagen Half Marathon has become known worldwide for its fast travel.

World record times set in Copenhagen have put Denmark's flat capital on the world map as the place to run in really fast time. In 2019 Geoffrey Kamworor proved this to the world as he broke the world record with an incredible 58:01 victory. Furthermore, the 2018 race saw a new European women's record set by Sifan Hassen as it surprisingly ended at a remarkable 1:05:15 in her half-marathon debut.

Carried out on wide roads and without traffic, the route is extremely fast and is characterized by a few smooth curves that create the ideal conditions for a pleasant and fast race.

Not only the best runners have discovered the potential to run fast times in Copenhagen. Amateur runners and running enthusiasts from all over the world travel to Copenhagen to pursue the best of themselves and have an unforgettable experience at a distance of 21.0975 kilometers.

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