Turoperador de viajes a maratones y otras pruebas deportivas
Brescia Marathon
3 DAYS PROGRAM. From March 6 to 8.

Pending new date.
The city of Brescia, 149 meters above sea level, opens at the foot of the hills that precede the pre-Alps, almost at the mouth of the Trompia Valley, and is limited to the northeast by the Cidneo hill, an extension of Mount Magdalena (874 m.) That extends to the east. It is pleasant to walk the panoramic roads that ascend the slopes of the summits known as Ronchi, covered with varied quasi-Mediterranean vegetation.

Since the beginning of the 20th century, the city, coinciding with a strong industrial development, has begun to expand; The original urban form has collapsed with the demolition of its walls, begun at the end of the previous century, and with the urbanization of the green areas that separated the historic center from the peripheral suburbs. The long ring roads that emerged instead of the walls connect the different neighborhoods and make the city's roads fluid, which still preserves a historic center characterized by a very different appearance from the expanding city.

The marathon route unfolds throughout the city, which winds its way through a dizzying route that begins in the northern area of ​​the city, near the stadium, heads west, and then climbs east from the south to finish. in the heart of the city, touching the most evocative angles and the most spectacular squares.

Protected and protected, the course is attended by hundreds of volunteers who preside over it and with a large deployment of police forces that control its focal points.


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