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Vancouver Marathon
6 DAYS PROGRAM From April 30 to May 5

Ranked as Canada's premier travel destination, Vancouver is a beautiful and sophisticated city that boasts natural beauty, big city experiences, and diverse neighborhoods. We love fresh air, adventure and fun! For runners, it is paradise.

Historically, May is an optimal time to run in Vancouver, BC. The last few years have shown perfect conditions for running a marathon or half marathon, in fact, with an average temperature of 15 ° C and clear skies.
The BMO Vancouver Marathon takes place during a perfect time of year, annually the first weekend of May!

Vancouver has a thriving career culture. Almost every neighborhood and suburb has running clubs and jogging trails for runners of all kinds. With views of the Pacific Ocean and mountains, beaches, and a stunning city skyline, Vancouver runners get the best of all worlds.

Welcome to Vancouver, Canada and the BMO Vancouver Marathon. This is an internationally recognized event. Named as one of the best destinations in the world to run a marathon by Forbes magazine. Join runners from more than 50 countries. At the BMO Vancouver Marathon you can enjoy beautiful racing routes with a wonderful scenic route. The tour includes 12 neighborhoods, parks and beaches. Run the impressive promenade, the longest in the world without interruptions.


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