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Barcelona Marathon
3 DAY PROGRAM from October 123 to 25

New date 10/25/2020
Ramón Oliu has been one of the most important figures in Catalan athletics. Introducer and promoter of the popular side, it is necessary to consider him as the promoter of foot races in Catalonia and the entire State.

Graduated in chemistry, he went to the United States as a young man to work. In the early 1970s, when he was 48, he concluded that he needed to exercise. He started doing it around his house, and gradually became a veteran long-distance runner, coinciding with the running fever that was occurring in his host country, the United States.

He was seduced by the marathon running the New York marathon in 1976 and, returning to Barcelona the following year for work reasons, he wanted to extend the modality of running for the pleasure of running. Faced with the strangeness and perplexity of the pedestrians, he used to do it with shorts around the Pedralbes Palace on the Diagonal in Barcelona, ​​at a time when the runners who practiced athletics did so only within the stadiums.

He went to the federation to ask what time the popular Barcelona marathon ran. When answering that no one was done, neither to Barcelona nor anywhere (there was only the Spanish Championship for federated, which was held every year and period), he decided that one day not far away he would organize it. He got in contact with athletes who never left the few tracks that were then, and also with the sports leaders who were frozen by their proposals to run on foot through the streets. And so, in 1977 he founded the Comissió Marathon Catalunya, which with the help of Raimon Vancells, Jordi Mensa, Francesc Mates and Dr. Pere Pujol, served to spread throughout Catalonia the advantages of running in a popular way.

Due to his relations with the organizers of the New York Marathon, he managed to get a team from Catalonia to be invited to participate in the legendary test of the city of skyscrapers from that year 1977, where, against all odds, they achieved third place.

The following year (1978) he organized the first marathon that took place in the State, in Palafrugell, with 185 athletes. And after two years in a row at Baix Empordà -in Barcelona it was not possible due to lack of permits-, he started the first marathon in the city of Barcelona in 1980.

Ramón Oliu did a titanic job to develop popular athletics in Catalonia: from the creation of the first marathons, to long distance races.

As a member of the New York Academy of Sciences, Ramón Oliu, writer, journalist, lecturer and pioneer of running on foot, he considered himself "a popular runner", and so wanted to be recognized. After finishing his professional work in Catalonia in 1984, he returned to the United States. Four years after retirement, he was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease, which was the cause of his death on April 3, 2005, at the age of 82.

Discover what it is like to run in this city, where the Zurich Marató Barcelona route is one of the most attractive circuits in Europe. In addition to the favorable climate that characterizes Barcelona, ​​a fully urban layout joins the touristic points of great interest to the corridor.

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