Turoperador de viajes a maratones y otras pruebas deportivas

1) Access to the web, content and information
Access to this website is the sole responsibility of the users, and implies accepting and knowing the legal warnings, conditions and terms of use contained therein. The reservation and purchase of tourist products and services that the User makes on this website will be governed by the terms and conditions of the purchase that must be expressly accepted.
2) Travel contracting
To materialize the contracting of a service on our website it will be necessary to have completed the following steps:
- Be registered as a client on our website with all the required data.
- Select the chosen service through the existing search and quote processes on our website.
- Access the Payment pages where the concepts necessary for the acquisition of the service must be indicated.
- Provide data related to the service and personal data such as number of passengers, names, phones, emails, ages, etc ...
- Accept the conditions indicated on the payment page.
Once you have met the above requirements you will get a confirmation locator.
The confirmation of the reservation will not be generated until the first payment or deposit is made. Meanwhile, the availability, price and particular conditions of the reservation are not guaranteed.
3) Policy of changes and modifications of reservations
In the event of temporary suspension or definitive cancellation of the celebration of the sporting event, on the scheduled date, by the organizers or competent authorities, for any reason, it will exempt BASQUELANDS SERVICIOS TURISTICOS S.L. from any type of liability and compensation. and in no case shall he be obliged to return the amount of the bib number, nor of the associated expenses, if the organizers of the sporting event decide not to reimburse said amounts.
Only in the event that by the organization of said event, the amount of expenses will be returned, BASQUELANDS SERVICIOS TURISTICOS S.L. to refund to the runner the amount of the bib number paid. The return will only be effective once the corresponding amounts have been reimbursed to BASQUELANDS SERVICIOS TURISTICOS S.L., by the organizer of the sports event.
All this without prejudice to the right, where appropriate, to assist the runner to demand directly from the organizer of the sporting event the compensation that, in his case, may be demanded according to the applicable legislation.
In the event that a person enrolls another / s, assumes on their behalf each and every one of the implications specified in these General and Specific Conditions of each trip.
We remind that clients must ensure that all personal documentation necessary for their trip is in order. Likewise, we remind that clients should inform themselves about visas and other documents or procedures necessary to travel to their destination by visiting the website www.maec.es
The user or consumer can withdraw from the services requested or contracted, having the right to a refund of the amounts that he would have paid, whether it is the total price of the reservation or if it is the initial payment or a percentage as an advance, but management fees will be applied for the concepts indicated below, if other Specific Cancellation and Penalty Conditions have not been specified on each trip:
 Reservation modification costs: Regardless of the product and, in addition to the possible costs charged by the service provider, if any, will be charged: € 60 per person, VAT included.
Expenses for cancellation in reservations of any product: The provider's expenses will be charged if there are any and an additional cost of € 60 for each passenger included in the reservation:
These expenses will be applied regardless of when the change or cancellation of the reservation is requested. However, customers have travel insurance which, in addition to travel assistance coverage, covers the provider's cancellation and cancellation costs. More information in the section “Cancellation insurance and travel assistance”.
4) Payment methods
You can pay for your purchases by Card through our virtual POS. The formula can be either a single payment through the web payment gateway or an initial payment, a percentage of the total detailed in the reservation process, and subsequent payments also through the POS or with a bank transfer to the bank account of Banco Sabadell ES33 0081 5605 92 0001078608.

5) Delivery of travel documentation
All the documentation necessary to travel will be delivered via email, except in exceptional cases in which they will be sent by ordinary mail or by courier if the client requests it, bearing the cost of the delivery through this procedure.

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