Turoperador de viajes a maratones y otras pruebas deportivas

RUNNERS TRAVEL AGENCY is the brand created for touring trips that combine Tourism, Leisure, Culture and Sport. Our passion for the tourism sector, the ambition to improve, innovate and promote new destinations, together with the need to provide coverage to a growing group, such as that of athletes; It is what has led us to strongly bet on the combination of these four pillars.

We are a Wholesale-Retail Agency, Basquelands Servicios Turísticos S.L., with more than 12 years of experience in the tourism sector. Our offices are located in Bizkaia, Spain.
Throughout these years our activity has been complemented between the issuance of business and vacation trips and the activity of specialized receptive in the Basque Country. We have experience in creating events, organizing conventions, assisting basketball teams and a long history of tourist services. And we give national and international coverage.
We have created the tour operator, RUNNERS TRAVEL AGENCY, specialized in organizing trips designed for the runner and his companions. We want to offer specific services for runners such as the purchase of race bibs, transfers at each event, assistance in races, specially chosen accommodation in each event, transportation, etc. And also optional services designed for companions, visits to each city, museum tickets, shopping, etc.

Our goal is the perfect combination of sport and tourism, offering products that combine innovation, creativity, destination knowledge and new technologies. We like to create exciting projects for everyone and sustainable over time, as keys to promote the different sports events and destinations

Our main work philosophy is to recognize the specific needs of our clients and each destination, constantly innovate in search of solutions, be continually learning from each of the projects and what is most important; enjoy our work and improve ourselves with each new challenge.

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